Jobs at Orca Central

Jobs at Orca Central

Written by Leonie Mahlke (Germany)

Despite the fact that we had lots of orca encounters recently we don’t get calls every day 🙂

In the meantime, we finished a whole bunch of smaller jobs around Orca Central, Ingrid’s place.  A few weeks ago, it took us a couple of days to plant trees all the way down her driveway.  And it is a looooong driveway.  We worked through wind, rain and sunshine and finally managed to plant around 250 plants, among them some nice nikau palms and griselinias.

The next step was to paint the fences and sheds on her property.  After a few weeks in total, green sprinkled skin, sunburns and a decade of buckets full of paint we got most of it done.

Sam and I used the last days to wash down Ingrid’s green shed, you may also call it her home, because it was supposed to get sprayed to get rid of all the spiders, that had build their beautiful webs everywhere.  It was definitely (NOT) a fun job, but hey, it didn’t kill us.  We were supplied with brushes, ladder, soap and music and were very pleased when it was finished.  Mr Spiders arrived today and successfully removed everything that had eight legs. I had already started so give them names, so it was a pretty sad day 😉

Some other jobs included cutting flaxes, folding wire fences, moving cows, putting recycled wool insulation ( /) in the roof and walls, restoring the veggie garden and so on.  It never gets boring! In exchange we saw some stunning sunrises and sunsets, so getting up early was often very worth it.

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