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Dr Visser attends to Koru the orca, whilst Steve Hathaway films.  Photo by R. M. Lehmann for Orca Research Trust

Koru the Orca, stranded but safely back with his group

  Found stranded on a sand bank in the Kaipara Harbour, by fishermen, Koru appeared none the worse for wear when he finally got free and swam off to join Nicky another female he is often photographed travelling with. Koru gets his name because the top of his fin is curved over, much like the […]

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Morgan the young captive orca

In June 2010 a young female orca, now named Morgan, was found in an emaciated condition off the coast of the Netherlands.  She was captured by the Dolfinarium Harderwijk for ‘rehabilitation and release’.  Unfortunately, after more than a year, the Dolfinarium has yet to release Morgan and now refuses to do so. Dr Ingrid Visser has […]

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