On 8 June 2020, (World Oceans Day), the Orca Research Trust released the publication ‘Guide to the New Zealand Orca’ as an e-publication (pdf) – free of charge.

A hard-copy available for purchase has also been published (due to shipping delays we are waiting for the books to arrive).

This Guide illustrates and describes more than 60 orca who can be seen in the waters of New Zealand.  Some individuals have bonus information in the form of the ‘Story of’, which outlines some part of their lives (such how old they are, how they got their name etc).

With sections on behaviour, strandings, entanglements and photo-identification the Guide helps any orca fan learn more about these apex predators.

We are excited to be sharing this publication with you all and encourage you to call 0800 SEE ORCA if you see orca in NZ waters.

We are not funded by the Government and rely solely on donations.  To support our work please see our Donate Page.


Two sample pages from the Guide:

2020 Guide to NZ orca page 10 (thumbnail)2020 Guide to NZ orca page 17 (thumbnail)