Morgan update from the Azores

Morgan update from the Azores

Ingrid is currently in the Azores.  On the way she visited the poor captive orca, Morgan, in the Netherlands.  This little orca has been in captivity for over a year now and Ingrid went to investigate how suitable she would be for rehabilitation and release.  She has prepared a report which summaries that Morgan is a prime candidate for release. 

 It would be great if you can show your support for Morgan’s release, too – by ‘liking’ the page
Free Morgan Facebook: 
as we need to clearly show that people do care about Morgan and want her to go free.

also, you can support the cause by purchasing a t-shirt with the 
”NO T(H)ANKS” slogan at

 proceeds from the sale of the t-shirts are being used to legally fight those holding Morgan.

  The Orca Research Trust fully supports the plan of the Free Morgan group , of which Ingrid is a member, and the Orca Coalition who are organising the legal battle.

Всё это характеризует сервис только с положительной стороны, т topodin, ) и подберет тур с оптимальным соотношением цена-качество


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