The Fight for Morgan’s Freedom Continues

Morgan lying on her side, looking for attention

Dr Ingrid Visser continues to fight for the young orca known as Morgan.  Currently held in an entertainment park in Tenerife, Spain, Morgan’s fate is awaiting a decision by the Netherlands Judges.  We have just learnt today that  Morgan’s next hearing will be at the High Court in Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands on the Tuesday 3rd of December 2013 at 10:45 am.

LOCATION:  Council of State (Raad van State) of the Netherlands, Chamber Unit A3, Kneuterdijk 22, 2514 EN Den Haag, Netherlands (note this is NOT the same court as last year).

We will be posting an “event” on Morgan’s Facebook page closer to the time, which will have travel tips and information if you wish to join Dr Visser and the Free Morgan Foundation at Morgan’s hearing.

Morgan lying on her side, looking for attention Courthouse.

 The current schedule is for the lawyers from both sides to have 5 minutes to present their case, then the Judges can ask them (and the expert witnesses) questions.  We are unsure how long this may continue for, but anticipate that it may be a few hours of questions, if the previous hearings have been anything to go by.

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