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At around 47 years old, orca “A1” still provides new information

The first orca to be catalogued in New Zealand is known officially as ‘NZ1’. She also has the nickname of ‘A1’, which results from an early alphanumeric system of cataloguing groups of orca and individuals within the group. The ‘A’ stands for the first group catalogued, and the ‘1’ indicates she was the first identified […]

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Dr Ingrid Visser & the Orca Research Trust need your vote!

Orca Research Trust NOMINATED

Dr Ingrid Visser and the Orca Research Trust have been nominated for the BiLLe Celebrity Challenge.  If we win the voting, the ORT will receive €25,000 which we can put towards research, education, the orca and all the work that the ORT does.  Your vote counts and your vote is the only way we will […]

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