Talks & Tours with Dr Visser

Talks, Tours, Filming Projects and Workshops with Dr Ingrid Visser

Dr Visser was an invited speaker at the first ever conference on 'Animal Bourne Imaging Systems', hosted by National Geographic, Washington DC

Dr Visser is in high demand as a guest speaker.  As many of the functions she is booked for are events closed to the public (e.g., school-class talks, or members-only club nights) most are not listed here.

However, public talks are also scheduled.  Pending & current events are listed below.   If you would like to hear Dr Visser give one of her inspirational talks (which are illustrated with stunning images of the Orca she works with), keep an eye on this site in the Upcoming Events section.

Alternatively, consider arranging and booking a talk yourself.




Dr Ingrid Visser with the extreme 'slow-motion' camera used to film orca in Argentina. Photo: (c) Pablo Cersosimo


Dr Visser has worked with a wide variety of film crews to produce award-winning documentaries about the New Zealand orca.

She is available for consultation and on-screen appearances.  Please see our multimedia video sections for examples of some of her work.

Her work has featured on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, BBC, PBS, KQED and National Geographic channels as well as publicly broadcast channels such as TVNZ.



The Wild Whale Workshops Dr Visser runs are popular events which encompass not only presentations about cetaceans (whales and dolphins) but also their intelligence, conservation, research aspects, but also include field trips out to watch wild whales and dolphins.

The next  workshop is scheduled for July 2012, Azores Islands (Portugal), however, if you have an interested group it is possible to schedule your own workshop at a suitable location.  Workshops can be scheduled to run for two days (introductory information only) to two weeks (which covers advance topics).

Dr Visser is a qualified boat skipper and regularly works as a tour guide in Antarctic waters. Photo: (c) Dan Dion


Dr Visser regularly works as an eco-tour guide and as an expedition staff member, around the world.  Her expedition work has taken her from Antarctica to the tropics and many places in between.

Generally based on ships, her presentations cover not only the orca she is so passionate about, but also all other marine creatures as well as the issues they face.

Dr Visser also runs an exclusive tour which travels around New Zealand, called the Whale Trail.  Designed to showcase the best whale and dolphin watching locations  New Zealand has to offer, whilst staying in well-chosen locations, the Whale Trail is tailored to suit your budget, your time frame and your desire to see whales and dolphins in their natural world.  We use First Light Travel as our preferred booking agent and they will arrange all necessary details.  Please contact them directly through clicking on their logo below.  


    If you wish to book a talk, please contact us on


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