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The Orca Research Trust runs on a very tight budget.  Our team are all volunteers. In order to run the project and save the orca we have valuable sponsors who help us out in various ways.  We hope that you will be able to show them that their support is appreciated by selecting their products and services when you require such items.

We are always looking for new sponsors. Is your company interested in supporting the Orca Research Trust?  Perhaps you have a product, or equipment, we could use?  Check out our wish-list for certain items we are currently looking for.

Here is a list of our current sponsors, in Alphabetical order.  Please use their products wherever you can !

You can click on their name and /or their logo to go to their website (if they currently have one)

Adopt an Orca

Anonymous / Private Donors

Altherm Aluminum Northland

Celia Visser Design

Dive New Zealand

dodoland (Orca Eugy)

Dominator Garage Doors, Northland 



Firth Concrete

Gates Underwater Housings



Moana Matron Designs

Moana Matron Designs

Ocean Hunter


Orca Ball

orca ball logo



Safety at Sea

Salt Air


Steel & Tube

Uber Group

Wildlife Collections

Wildlife Connections-C_navy outline_1

Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society


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