Wish List

Rudie, an orca whom the Orca Research Trust rescued, swims by the boat three years after his rescue

We have a number of items which would help us with the running of the Orca Research Trust. If you would like to donate an item on the list, or contribute towards it financially, this would be much appreciated.

The Orca Research Trust is a New Zealand registered non-profit Charity, but we do not receive Government or University funding and rely solely on donations and support such as gifts-in-kind.

Some of the supplies we list below are permanent “Wish List” items because they are items which either need to be replaced regularly or are items for which there is a need for multiples.

Shipping information is at the end.

In advance, we extend our heartfelt thanks to those supporters who can contribute supplies and equipment to help our cause.

Our Wish List (in no particular order)

  • Laptop (Mac or PC) with current software
  • Airmiles
  • Fuel Vouchers
  • Microsoft Software – XP Professional, Microsoft Office 2007
  • Adobe Software CS5– full package – Acrobat, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc.
  • Office Stationery – A4 paper (recycled product please)
  • Envelopes (all sizes, including padded, we prefer made from recycled materials)
  • Aluminium tandem-axle boat trailer
  • Herbicide for weed removal (we want to use organic herbicide such as BioWeed)
  • Food donations for volunteers (or supermarket (New Zealand) vouchers)
  • Sony EX1-R HD video camera
  • Tripod with video fluid-head
  • Wet weather trousers & jackets suitable for salt water conditions – various sizes
  • Rubber boots (wellingtons) – various sizes
  • Workshop tools – hammers, drills, etc
  • Workshop consumables – nails, screws, etc
  • Workshop Safety equipment – goggles, etc
  • Tape – all kinds needed: Masking Tape, Plumbers Tape, Electrical Tape, Denso Tape, Duct Tape
  • Shipping Tape 2″ – Heavy Duty
  • Re-chargeable batteries (all sizes) and chargers
  • Fishpond or Amazon Vouchers for…books

We really appreciate any support you can offer us.  No donation is too small (and might we add, none is too big!).

Thanks again for your support.

Ship to:

Orca Research Trust,
c/o Tutukaka Store,
PO Box 402043,
Tutukaka 0153,
New Zealand