Host a Donation Box

You can make a big difference helping with fundraising by hosting a donation box.  Donation boxes would be cleared once a month by you and the donations can be banked directly (if you are located in New Zealand) or via the donation button on our website.  Boxes can also be hosted overseas as payments can be made in your local currency via our website.

Orca Research Trust Donation Boxes

If you would like to host a box contact us on

Orca Research Trust Donation Box

The boxes are made of acrylic and stand 24 cm tall, are 13 cm wide and 9 cm deep, so they don’t take up too much room on counter tops, but look smart and tidy.  They have a plastic info sheet on the top surface, allowing them to be easily cleaned if they are located in a place with a lot of cooking residue, such as a fish and chip shop.

Perhaps you know a friend or business associate or a local store who could also host a donation box?

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